about me..the fuckign stupid piece of shit

avalon / piczo
nonbinary (they/them)
in a relationship w my lovely boyfriend ryan/exo
21 INFP-T Chaotic Neutral Starseed & IRL Space Demon
i am mentally ill
im a nu-scene kid and blog/server mod
i love collecting and currently i collect: videogames, crystals, pkmn merch, stuffed toys, bottlecaps, pkmn trading cards, doujinshi, figures, religious artifacts

things i lurve
fave things ever : pokemon, touhou, drugz, spirituality, cringe
big interests: tech, creepy things, conspiracy theories, furries, anime, 2000s, y2k, web exploration, JRPGS, rave culture, robots, monster energy
anime & manga: slayers, nurse angel kogumi, inuyasha, galaxy angel, lucky star, popee the performer, digi charat, digimon, sgt.frog, sasami
gaming: final fantasy, kingdom hearts, zone of the enders, xenosaga, tales of series, persona, harvest moon, animal crossing, solatorobo

asuka soryu langley (neon genesis evangelion)
gamzee makara (homestuck)
espeon (pokemon)
zoroark (pokemon)
lopmon evolution line (digimon)

 stamp collection